International Shipping

Image of international shipping icon atop of an image of arrows pointing to Australia at Camp Merrywood


Are you shopping from anywhere in Mexico? Europe? Australia? If so, please read the following details to ensure that your order is correctly purchased and fulfilled to your preferences. 

The procurement and fulfillment of products on this tuck shop are quite unique. As such we are asking for all international orders to follow the following procedure:

Steps to Ensure a Successful Order

  1. Add all camp tuck products that you would like to purchase into your cart (combining the orders of others if you wish to purchase together).
  2. If you are shopping from any region beyond Canada or the United States (including Mexico, Europe, and Australia) you must purchase our International Shipping Credit to ensure that your products will be delivered to you.
  3. Once you have assembled your cart with all the products you intend to purchase, along with the International Shipping Credit - check out as you normally would, using the address you would like your products shipped to.
  4. All of your products will be collected at Camp Merrywood where they will all be assembled and sent as a single package. This package may take up to or beyond 25 business days to arrive at your specified address after your time of purchase.
International Shipping Credit Icon

Camp Tuck International Shipping Token

$30 CAD

Click here to purchase the international shipping token

Specifications and Considerations

Our producer will send all items to Camp Merrywood (in Perth, ON), where the camp team will assemble all of your items and send them to you in one package.

We suggest that if you live nearby someone who may also be interested in camp tuck you check-out together using one order. We'll ship your products all together, saving time and money for all! 

As of this moment, we are only fulfilling orders to the following regions: Canada, United States, Mexico, Europe, and Australia. If you wish to order products beyond these regions, please contact us directly and we will work with you to accommodate your unique circumstances. Contact us at:

If you have questions or concerns about this policy, please contact us at: